Don't Want To

Saying bye is hard... So it's better not saying it at all...

Since not saying that means you'll meet again someday, somewhere...

Meeting is fun, but saying byes are painful...

So I won't say bye...

Because I still want to see you all...

Because you are my friends...

My precious ones...

Juvenile Delinquent ]|[ 10:18 PM



It's farewell,friends. We'll not be completely together again next term. We'll be split up.

-hope we'll remember one another forever.

Juvenile Delinquent ]|[ 8:46 PM


can be counted by fingers.

3 years seems not enough for us,honestly.
It is too obvious that this will not last forever.
Some of us will go off from Medan next semester.
Will we ever meet again?
Still,it is God's will.

Juvenile Delinquent ]|[ 9:30 PM


just testing.

Juvenile Delinquent ]|[ 9:08 PM